The Beauty of a Bronze Faucet

Whether you are trying to change the look of your bathroom or your kitchen an oil rubbed bronze faucet is a good choice. Bronze can have a very copper looking color or it can come out with a dark and deep brown color. Either way, this can match with many counter tops, sinks and the decor of your home. Bronze has been around for many years and is considered by many as a very classy looking metal.

If you want a faucet that will last for a very long time, an oil rubbed bronze faucet will do the trick. Of course, you want to get one from a top brand that will give you the construction that will last for a very long time. This is the best way to go for many types of decors and a number of themes. You will love how it brings the room together and the choices you have.

Some of the Popular Faucet Choices

Kitchen Bronze Faucets

There are many types and brands of bronze kitchen faucets including Moen, Danze, Delta, Price Pfister and many others. Getting a bronze kitchen faucet can help you bring your kitchen together and give you the function you really want out of your faucet. They come in many styles including sprayer faucets, touch faucets, motion sensor faucets, single handle, three hole design and many more. No matter what type of sink you have, you can get a bronze kitchen faucet to fit.

Bronze Lavatory Faucets

Faucets for your sink in your bathroom stand out above most everything else in the room. Nearly everybody that comes into your home will go into the bathroom at some point. This is the most visited room in the house and you want to make sure you get a faucet that will fit with the decor. Bronze is a great choice, especially if it’s oil rubbed. It will add a subtle hint of class and you can get features such as, motion sensor technology, single handle, dual handle or many others. If you choose a top brand, you bronze lavatory faucet will last for a very long time.

Bronze Bathtub Faucets

The final type of faucet you may consider is one for your bathtub. Of course, if you choose bronze for your lavatory faucet, you probably want to choose a matching bronze faucet and shower. This will allow you to get the best out of the look of your bathroom and all your house guests will love it. There are some very attractive sets out there and some single faucets made for just a bathtub. You can choose anything from a Roman style tub faucet to a traditional spout. It is up to what you want and how you want your bathroom to look.

Why Choose Bronze Over the Rest

It’s not that a bronze finish is better or even more durable than chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel or any of the other choices. Bronze is just another option to choose from and it can help you match the decor of the room. Some oil rubbed bronze faucets are made to look antique and they will help you pull an older style room together without skimping on the features.

There are many choices out there and you just need to be aware of what bronze can provide. The look is amazing and you get that added sophistication within the room just from the faucet you chose. This is a great way to pull together a kitchen or a bathroom or create the centerpiece of the room. Look at a few of the oil rubbed bronze faucets before you make your final decision and you might be surprised what you find.

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What To Look for In Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets

When searching for a new faucet for your kitchen, there are two specific things you want to consider. Once, the finish of the faucet and how it fits in with the rest of the decor, and two, how the faucet functions. If you get the best looking faucet you can find, but it doesn’t do the things you want, it’s no good and the same goes for an ugly faucet that functions properly.

You need the best of both worlds and many will find that Moen oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets are some of the best on the market. Not only do they look great and give you the sleek look you desire, but they also function better than most others. Moen has long been known as one of the leading faucet brands and they still produce many of the best choices on the market. Whether you are looking for pull out oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets or you are looking for just a simple faucet with a side sprayer, Moen can provide exactly what you need.

Why Oil Rubbed Bronze Works so Well

oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucetsWith oil rubbed bronze faucets you get a finish that will last a lifetime. This type of finish won’t tarnish and is often made in a variety of different styles and types of faucets. You can find many choices, like motion sensor faucets with the oil rubbed bronze finish or pull down sprayer models that make working in the kitchen much easier.

It doesn’t matter what type of function you are looking for or whether you want a shorter faucet or a taller one, you can find the right one for you with this beautiful bronze finish. It will last a lifetime, as long as you choose a top brand like Moen, Delta or even Kohler oil rubbed kitchen faucets.

The antique theme and the modern theme work well for this type of faucet because of the color the bronze brings to your kitchen. Unlike chrome or regular bronze, oil rubbed bronze doesn’t give you as much of the mirror look and looks a little more brown. This type of finish can help you get a great looking and functioning faucet that will fit with nearly any type of kitchen.

What to Expect From Your New Kitchen Faucet

pull out oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucetsIf you take the time to shop around and find the right model for your kitchen, you can expect to gain a great faucet from a top brand. You will need to spend at least $150 to get one of the best models, but you will save money because it will last longer than the cheaper ones. We have all lived in a home with an old kitchen faucet that leaks and needs replaces. With one of the better brands, you won’t need to worry about replacing your oil rubbed bronze faucet.

The best choices are Moen, Delta, Kohler, Danze and Pfister, but there are a few others that carry collections that are decent, as well. Getting one of these faucets from a top brand can also help you get accessories that match perfectly, like a soap dispenser. This can help you to fit everything you need into your kitchen theme without much trouble.

The best place to shop for your new kitchen faucet is online. There is a larger selection and by using specific websites you can save as much as 35% off the retail price of your faucet. Shopping at a large home improvement store might give you 50 different faucets to choose from, but only a handful of them will actually be oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets. However, shopping online will give you access to hundreds of models and you can compare them side-by-side with customer reviews and pictures.
kohler oil rubbed bronze faucet

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